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PT-building Our new, expanded 5,350-sq-ft facility offers some of the region’s most cutting-edge equipment and technology.  Some of our state of the art equipment available consist of  Hivamat 200 Deep Oscillation Unit, Korebalance Trainer, Trotter & Treadmills, Recumbent and Spinner Bikes, Elliptical Cross Trainers, Upper Body Bicycles, Isokinetic Lido Machine, Parallel Bars, Free Hand Weights, Bench Presses, 360 Multi Gym, Body Presses, Super Leg Press, Multi Hip, Leg Curl, Back Extension,  Fixed Bar Bench & Squat, Impulse Inertial Exerciser, Work Cube, Ergonomic Mat Tables and the newly added In-ground Aquatic Therapy Pool.

Hivamat 200 Deep Oscillation Unit

Hivamat-200-Oscillation This machine promotes the evacuation of metabolic waste
products to the lymphatic drainage system, which increases recovery time following sports injuries and surgical procedures. It works by creating a pulsed electrostatic energy between the therapist’s hands and the affected area, which results in resonant oscillation for a “kneading” effect on the damaged tissue.


KorebalanceTM Trainer

Korebalance This trainer fully computerized balance trainer challenges patients to stand on an unstable platform and perform a series of exercises for eight to twelve minutes. Special so ware directs workouts, issues a score, and amplifies balance screening, assessment, and training.  KoreBalance is ideal for strength, flexibility, agility training, orthopedic rehabilitation, fall prevention, and motor-skill training. It is very effective for patients suffering from dizziness. . .


In-ground Aquatic Therapy Pool

AquatherapySm Equipped with an underwater treadmill, our pool allows for utilization of buoyancy, water resistance, and hydrostatic pressure to build strength, restore joint mobility, and reduce edema. Aquatic therapy significantly reduces weight bearing forces through the spine and lower extremities and will allow


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