KorebalanceTM Trainer

is fully computerized balance trainer that challenges patients to stand on an unstable platform and perform a series of exercises for eight to twelve minutes. Special software directs workouts, issues a score, and amplifies balance screening, assessment, and training. Korebalance is ideal for strength, flexibility, agility training, orthopedic rehabilitation, fall prevention, and motor-skill training. It is very effective for patients suffering from dizziness and vertigo, multiple sclerosis, ataxia, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke rehabilitation. This rehabilitation tool has revolutionized the treatment of patients with balance disorders and has been an invaluable training tool to athletes at all levels.

Korebalance aids in the following:

• Stimulates the brain and nervous system to improve balance, stability,
  coordination and posture
• Improves agility, reaction time and motor control
• Makes workouts challenging, fun and interactive
• Improves confidence for seniors decreasing the chances of falling
• Minimizes repetitive stress on joint structures
• Trains the body to respond to an unstable environment (real-life activities)
• Improves muscle strength, flexibility, range of motion
• Rehabilitates and prevent lower-limb injuries. Korebalance “will keep your
  athletes on the  eld”
• Rehabilitates concussions and traumatic brain injury and associated  dizziness
• Increases calorie burn because more musculature is recruited

The Korebalance System uses the latest in virtual and interactive technology and offers innovative high-tech balance assessment and training. Backed by 15 years in the medical and sports medicine community, our technology is proven to assess and train balance. Korebalance is a proactive device for training and prevention of injuries.