February 27, 2014

"St. Francisville and the surrounding communities are very fortunate to have St. Francis Rehabilitation Services. Their services include a professional staff of trained therapists that will work with you to develop a program based upon your needs. After my first session I had very positive results. Not only did their program work for me but their heated pool played a major role in helping me gain more flexibility in my knees and legs. I would like to thank their staff and especially Ed Anderson, Nicole Boyle, and Hannah Johnson for going the extra mile to make sure I received the therapy that works best for me."

I would highly recommend their services! They truly work with you to help improve your quality of life.

Carol O.

West Feliciana Parish Resident

"There is a hidden gem in the Felicianas---St. Francis Rehabilitaion services.  The entire staff is very knowledgeable, caring,friendly and dedicated.  They work hard to help you meet your physical therapy goals.  Several years ago they helped me avoid back surgery with their physical therapy routine designed just for me.  I have come back now for a broken ankle.  I already recommend then to all my family and friends.  They provide great services in a friendly atmosphere that is very close to home! "
- Sylvia Harrell,  Jackson , LA

Because of various surgeries, I have been a patient at St. Francis Rehabilitation Services several times, starting three months after they opened in 1997. We are truly fortunate to have this facility with such skilled, dedicated, and compassionate staff.
Recently, within an eight week period, I had both of my knee joints replaced. St. Francis Rehabilitation Services has been essential in literally getting me back on my feet and back to independence. Initially, I received physical therapy at home. I then graduated to aquatic therapy in the new pool. The newest physical therapist staff member, Ed Anderson, not only instructed and supervised aquatic sessions but gets in the pool with his patients if that is what they need. Aquatic therapy was very beneficial as I could exercise without needing to put substantial weight on my new knees. My current therapy program has rapidly allowed me to progress from walker to quad cane to cane to walking on my own.
I am truly grateful that St. Francis Rehabilitation Services is here in our community.
- Carolyn Douglas, St. Francisville, LA

"After having hip replacement surgery this past November, I could not move my right leg. I was in need of “Physical Therapy” and pain pills. After a few days of post surgical recovery and physical therapy in the hospital environment I was released and provided with two weeks of home based physical therapy provided by St. Francis Rehabilitation Services followed by six weeks of physical therapy in their facility located by the hospital. The treatment provided by St. Francis Rehabilitation Services has been instrumental in my rapid recovery from the hip surgery. The staff is always friendly and caring. The facility is well equipped and is getting enlarged to provide more room and equipment. The 2 or 3 times a week that I go there has provided me with an opportunity to meet other persons from our community also receiving physical therapy. I recommend St. Francis Rehabilitation Services to anyone in need of regaining their physical activity."
- Tom Crouse, St. Francisville, LA

"The staff is so wonderful at St. Francis Rehabilitation. Being a mom and working full time, my schedule is limited and, they have always worked with my schedule. It's so wonderful to have a state of the art clinic near home."
- Megan Smith,  St. Francisville, LA

“I have nothing but praise for my three weeks of aquatic therapy at St. Francis Rehabilitation.  After having kneecap repair surgery on my previously complete knee replacement I was in a lot of pain and had a very swollen knee.  Upon my completion of therapy my knee measured 3 inches smaller than on my initial evaluation.  Plus, I was able to complete my therapy sessions without a lot of pain and able to do much more than I could ever complete on land.  I really looked forward to my sessions and will really miss the water treadmill.  Thanks to the entire PT team.  It was a lot of fun.”
-  Kay Tengler 1-13-2012
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