First Visit Forms

     Forms you will be required to fill out at your first visit.
     Optional - print forms online, fill out forms and bring with you.

Bring your insurance information.

Bring your Doctor's Referral Prescription.

During your first visit, the physical therapist will review your medical history and do a physical evaluation. Depending on your diagnosis or symptoms, your therapist may evaluate your flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, posture, and/or heart rate and respiration. Your therapist may look at how you walk or get up from lying down (functional activities), along with how you use and position your body as you perform activities (body mechanics). The therapist will work with you to decide on your goals for physical therapy and to begin planning your treatment. You may or may not begin your actual therapy at the first visit.
In general, the first goal of treatment is to decrease any pain and swelling you may have. The next steps usually are to increase your flexibility and then to increase your strength and endurance, depending on your condition. The goal is always to improve your ability to do your daily tasks and activities. As with any exercise, you may have mild soreness or swelling as a result of treatment, and these should be noted by your therapist. Your therapist will watch your reaction to treatment (for example, if you have swelling or become out of breath) and will adjust your treatment as needed. This ongoing assessment and adjustment means that the risk of any injury or complication from physical therapy is very low.

Your physical therapist will evaluate your need for special equipment such as particular footwear, splints, or crutches. If you need equipment, your therapist can help you know what to get and either get it for you or tell you where you can find it.
In most cases, part of your physical therapy will be education. Your therapist may teach you about a home exercise program, proper body mechanics, and the use of any special equipment you may need. He or she will then periodically check on how well you are transferring the skills you learn in therapy to your daily life.
Your physical therapist will continually reassess your progress toward your treatment goals. He or she will work with you and your doctors to plan for your discharge from physical therapy.
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Our office staff is specially trained to offer you convenient appointments, answer questions about rehabilitation services and assist with the pre-certification and authorization process commonly required by many major insurance providers.

We accept Medicare and Medicaid insurance as well as ALL major insurance plans as we are affiliated with West Feliciana Parish Hospital. If you have legal representation by an attorney, our friendly staff will be happy to accept a nominal deposit and letter of guarantee to allow treatment to begin as promptly as possible.

If you have any questions regarding finances and billing, we will be happy to assist you.


All insurances are accepted including the following:

Medicare with Medicaid secondary
Aetna PPO, POS
Affiliated Health Funds
American PPO
Bayon Health Plans
Beech Street
Benefit Management Services
Bestcare, Inc.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LA (All Plans)
Cigna HMO, POS and PPO
CoastalComp HealthNetworks
Evolutions Healthcare Systems, Inc.
FARA (Best Care)
First Health (formerly HCC/Affordable)
Fortified Provider Network
Galaxy Health Network (formerly Managed Care, Inc.)
Global Medical Management (GMMI)
Health Management Network
Heritage Summit Healthcare
Humana Gold
Independent Medical Systems
Integrated Health Plan/IHP
Interplan Health Group/IHG
National Choicecare, Inc. (NCC PPO)
National Comp Care
National Preferred Provider Network (NPPN)
National Provider Network, Inc. (NPN)
People's Health
Prime Health Services, Inc.
Private Health Care Systems (PHCS)
Procura Management, Inc.
Provider Select, Inc.
Rockport Healthcare Group, Inc.
State Group Benefits EPO & PPO
The Reny Company
Three Rivers Provider Network (TRPN)
TLC Advantage, LLC
Tricare Union Pacific RR Employees Health
Universal Smart Comp (WCPPO)
USA Managed Care Organization
Worker's Compensation

** Third Party (Automobile Liability Cases) **
** Attorney (We accept a letter of protection) **

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If you are recovering from surgery, stroke, an automobile accident, sports injury or a range of other health-related conditions, St. Francis Rehabilitation Services can help you return to normal as quickly as possibly right here close to home. Our facility is fully equipped with the industry‚Äôs most advanced, state-of-the-art rehabilitation tools and staffed by a professional team of licensed therapists. We offer services to all age ranges and provide extended hours of operation to better serve our patients. 
Our goal is to minimize downtime and return you as close as possible to your life before rehab. We work closely with your physician to help restore your functional activity and provide your doctor weekly progress reports to ensure the care plan is progressing as planned.
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