Physical Therapy

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If a patient has been on bedrest or is simply deconditioned due to a bout with the COVID 19 virus, physical therapy can help safely build endurance, strength, flexibility and balance.  Breathing exercises will be part of the program, and proper technique helps a patient understand how to breathe deeply with use of the diaphragm. A personalized exercise program for home, tailored to individual needs and considerate of findings from the evaluation, helps to empower recovery.

Beyond our highly specialized therapists with their attentive skills and vast experience, Brown Rogers Physical Therapy also has an in-ground heated pool where water properties, including buoyancy (literally “takes the weight off”) and viscosity (multi-directional strengthening) provide the ideal environment for exercise for someone deconditioned. If you would like to try an aquatics visit, just let your evaluating therapist or physician know.

If an ICU stay has occurred, patients may have ICU-acquired body weakness.  This is muscle weakness that occurs in:

  • 33% of all patients on ventilators
  • 50% of all patients admitted with severe infection
  • Up to 50% of patients who stay in the ICU for at least one week

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