Custom Splinting

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Splints are custom-designed to support painful joints and weak muscles, reduce nerve compression, and protect healing injuries. At Brown Rogers Physical Therapy, we offer custom splinting by heating thermoplastic material to the hand, wrist, forearm and/or elbow based on particular anatomical needs.

We find that patients with a custom splint are more likely to be compliant with wear than an over-the-counter splint that is often an ill-fit.   In addition, patients who opt for a custom splint from us receive personalized instructions on how to wear and use it, along with precautions.

  • Support weak muscles or joints to improve function and alignment
  • Rest inflamed and sore tendons, nerves, muscles, ligaments, and joints to decrease pain and allow healing
  • Position hands and wrists in a proper joint alignment in order to reduce the risk of deformity and promote function
  • Protect repaired and reconstructed structures following surgery
  • Assist in mobilizing troublesome scar tissue and stiff joints

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