Kinesio Taping

Kinesiotaping is a therapeutic taping method that utilizes a latex-free elastic tape. Unlike athletic tape, which is stiff and is used to stabilize muscles or joints, kinesiology tape is stretchy—to serve as a gentle reminder to your body to hold your shoulder in a certain way or to keep a kneecap in line while biking or running.

  • Correct Muscles Kinesiology tape supports muscles during movement, and research has shown that it can provide a bit more stamina than the muscle alone. This is commonly seen in the knee, Back muscles, and shoulder blades.

  • Improve circulation – Studies show that kinesiotape increases the flow of both blood and lymph, which can help in the treatment of lymphedema, mastectomy recovery, and swelling, to name a few.

  • Improve joint movement – Kinesiotape can be used to keep a joint, such as the kneecap, gliding and tracking smoothly while in use.
  • Relieve pain – Kinesiotaping has an analgesic effect, the comforting stretch of the myofascial region gives a sensation of a constant caring touch.

Because of its many functions, kinesiology tape can be worn both during and after activity.

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