Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

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With any body part that is in trouble, whether it be due to a fracture, a sprain, arthritis, a post-surgical rehabilitation need, etc., it is important for our patients to have awareness that all of the other parts of your body should be kept moving and flexible while waiting for therapy to start. It has been too many times that someone with a wrist fracture ends up with shoulder tendonitis with a worse recovery process than the wrist. Or, a foot injury that causes low back pain. A visit or two to therapy, even while immobilized after injury or surgery, will help educate you on precautions and what to look out for while waiting to start.

Both pre- and post-surgical rehab are essential elements of successful surgical outcomes. Any type of surgery can be considered a form of trauma and can affect the body differently and at Brown Rogers Physical Therapy we will evaluate you as a whole person, understanding how the surgery has impacted your life. Proactively attending therapy with a dedicated effort is empowering physically and mentally for a patient as they strive to return to normal function.

Individualized post-surgical rehab not only minimizes your pain and accelerates your rate of healing, but it can also reduce the chances of postoperative complications, including infections, bleeding, blood clots, muscle weakness, scar tissue, decreased function, and other factors that can negatively impact your long-term health. Another critical reason for selecting post-surgical physical therapy is its ability to help you reduce or completely avoid prescription painkillers.

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